Full of historic charm with modern day amenities, Worcester County is home to approximately 826,116 residents. The county is comprised of five cities, 55 towns, 29 census-designated places, and 33 unincorporated communities.

Adjacent Counties

Adjacent counties include Cheshire County to the north, Windham County to the south, and Hampshire County to the west. Other counties nearby include Hillsborough County, Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Providence county, Tolland County, Hampden County, and Franklin County.

Worcester County Homes for Sale

Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge

This scenic refuge is located in both Worcester County and Middlesex County. Sitting on approximately 1,667 acres, this refuge is comprised of open land, forests, and wetlands.

Wildlife Refuge

The refuge is well-known for the migratory birds that make their way through this area. Visitors to the area may also see a variety of mammals, reptiles, fish, and amphibians.

Some of the protected species that can this area home are the American Woodcock, Blanding’s Turtle, and the Blue Spotted Salamander.

Worcester School

Students in this area are served by 38 school districts located throughout the county.

How much is my home worth?

The percentage of residents with a high school diploma or higher is 90 percent. The percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher is 34.8 percent.

The Old Sturbridge Village

Located on 200 acres of land, The Old Sturbridge Village is a living museum that honors the experiences of those who were living in the early 1800s when English settlers first called this area home. You can step back in time and see what it was like to live a rural lifestyle in the 19th century.

Old Sturbridge Village

This working village features water-powered mills, a farm, period homes, shops of that era, and costumed residents who provide a realistic look at the experiences of living in a New England village from that time period.

Buildings that showcase the architecture of the day include a Printing Office, the Parsonage, a Law Office, the Thompson Bank, and the Miner Grant Store and Bakeshop. You’ll also find a Shoe shop, the Bullard Tavern, and the Center Meetinghouse.

Wachusett Mountain Ski Resort

Founded in 1968, Wachusett Mountain Ski Report is located on Mount Wachusett in Princeton County, Westminster County, and Worcester County. They feature 25 trails, eight ski lifts, and three high-speed chairlifts.

Ski Resort

The ski report has 100% snow making capacity, which helps to make sure that those skiing at night enjoy their time on the slopes. The resort hosts varies races throughout the year for professional and recreational skiers.

Worcester County Real Estate

Though the piece value of homes fluctuates month to month, the median value of homes in Worcester County is http://medicaloneonline.com/h $254,100. Of the 334,986 residential properties in the county, 64.7 percent are owned by someone living in the home.


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