We bet that you’ve heard that selling a house is stressful and can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With a bit of helpful information, you can add to your knowledge base and be more confident when it comes to the home selling process

⭐️ What are the steps to selling a house?

http://marketsmarts.co.nz/database-marketing-importance/ Finding a real estate agent who can help with the staging and marketing of your home is a key to success. Setting your asking price so that you receive attractive offers will help you when it comes to accepting the perfect offer that brings you to closing day.

🙋‍♂️ How can I find a real estate agent?

You’re in the right place and have taken an important first step by seeking more information about the selling process. We can’t wait to help you with the sale of your property.

real estate agent

Let us put our experience in selling homes and our knowledge of current real estate trends to work for you. We are dedicated to genuinely listening to your needs and helping you make informed decisions through the transaction.

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🏡 How do I stage my home to sell?

People notice homes that are well staged before the listing photographs are taken. Staging is important because many potential buyers will see your home online long before they ever walk through the rooms in person.

Start with curb appeal that makes the buyer so interested in the property that they can’t wait to see the inside of the home. Seek the help of a professional landscaper if you need assistance in this area.

Kitchens and bathrooms get a lot of attention from buyers, but you may not need to do major renovations to make things appealing. We’ll be happy to look at your home and note things that may need your attention.

Staging a home curb appeal

Remove oversized pieces of furniture from rooms because they can make the space seem smaller. Pack away personal photos and collections to help buyers see themselves living in the home.

💲 How do I set the asking price?

A good place to begin research for setting the asking price is our online home valuation calculator. This calculator will give you a general idea of your home’s value.

Setting the asking price correctly is extremely important to the success of your sale. Setting it too high may cause buyers to lose interest and setting it too low may mean that you lose money on your investment.

Though the home value calculator is a good place to start, we’ll go even further and provide you with a comprehensive report. This report looks at current market trends, recently sold homes in the area, and any upgrades you’ve made to the property.

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💰 What happens when I receive an offer?

We’ll represent your best interest and receive any offers that are submitted by potential buyers or their real estate agents. We’ll alert you to these offers quickly.

You have three options when an offer is delivered to you. You can accept the offer, decline the offer, or create a counteroffer.

If you send back a counteroffer, we’ll wait for a response from the buyer and head to the negotiations table on your behalf if needed.

📝 What happens after I accept an offer?

Once you accept an offer and the buyer agrees to the terms of the sale, you’ll be on your way to closing day. The mortgage lender sets up an appraisal and inspections that are required before closing.

First time home sellers

If all goes well with the appraisal and inspections, we’ll set up the closing date and move forward. If there is an issue with an inspection, we’ll revisit the negotiations table to rework the contract terms if that is needed.

We recommend that you have a pre-appraisal done as part of the process of research for setting the asking price. This pre-appraisal can help ensure that no issues crop up once an offer is accepted.

📆 What can I expect at the closing on the house?

Closing day on a home can actually take place over the course of several days, but this depends on the situation, and we will let you know what to expect for your transaction. We’ll also let you know if you need to be in attendance.

On closing day, the buyer will pay all costs, paperwork is signed, and ownership is handed to the buyer. You’ll receive money owed to you according to the terms of the contract and timeline provided.
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6 Steps to Selling a House
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